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The Center seeks to develop strategic partnerships with official and non-official institutions, international organizations, universities, scientific research centers, the business sector, and other bodies related to the fields of work with which it is concerned, to serve knowledge and employ it for the sake of development.


The Center includes a group of researchers, academics, specialists, and those interested in the political and social affairs of Yemen, who differ in specializations and visions and are united by the desire to produce knowledge, to contribute to the sustainable development of society, and to promote the values ​​of equality, freedom and human rights. They believe that moving towards the future and achieving social and political development requires participation in building the capabilities of individuals and society. The Center seeks to contribute to this, starting by creating opportunities for researchers, specialists, and experts to participate in studying the reality of Yemen, reshaping it, and contributing to creating appropriate opportunities for young and talented researchers to develop their scientific research capabilities and skills.

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The Arabia Felix Center for Studies is an independent research institution that seeks to provide contributions that are committed to objectivity and research based on experimental foundations and theoretical and empirical tools. It focuses mainly on studying the political, social, and economical transformations that Yemen and its regional environment are going through to contribute to their analysis and exploration of their outcomes, in a way that helps decision-makers to develop policies that respond to the needs of society and contribute to improving its reality.

The Center was established on December 6, 2020, and operates from inside Yemen. It is not aligned with any political party.

Our Team


Wameedh Shaker


Dr. Abdulkarim Ghanem

Senior Researcher

Ahmed Al-Arami

Founder & Head of the Center

Mohammed Al-Alai


Reyadh Hammadi

Researcher & Translator

Emily Sumner


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