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4 September، 2021

This paper seeks to elucidate the influence of al-Banna the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood on Hussein Alhouthi the founder of the Houthi movement in Yemen by examining the Malazim (lectures) of Hussein al-Houthi, and comparing them to the ideas and visions of Hassan al-Banna, as shown in Rasa'il Hassan al-Banna, (Messages of Hassan al-Banna)

4 September، 2021

Emily Sumner هذه المقالة متاحة باللغة العربية On the night of 25 March 2015, I called my friends Anīs and Mona (both pseudonyms) in a panic. I paced the tiny hallway of my apartment in Boston as I heard the phone ring over and over, hoping to hear their voices on the other line. After...

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