The main dispute and the potential fighting fronts between the two parties of the “Riyadh Agreement”

Many challenges face the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement. Its opportunities for success are very low, and the prospect of continuing the war is wide open. What can be done?

Animal Sacrifice as an Alternative Violence: The Anthropology of “Hajar” Among Yemeni Tribes

The practice of sacrifice seems as if it aims to assuage violence, and return to communion with God

A Late Yemeni Copy of Rasulid Almanac Lore

A translation, and brief analysis of the information in Banī Rasūl (1229-1454) almanac, which is arranged by the solar calendar.

Tribe and Peacemaking in Yemen

Yemeni society is still largely tribal, with tribal customs dominating its members. This paper examines tribal customs regarding conflicts between tribes as a path to peace in Yemen and a tool for reconciliation in the current conflict.

The impact of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna on Husain al-Houthi

This paper seeks to elucidate the influence of al-Banna the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood on Hussein Alhouthi the founder of the Houthi movement in Yemen by examining the Malazim (lectures) of Hussein al-Houthi, and comparing them to the ideas and visions of Hassan al-Banna, as shown in Rasa'il Hassan al-Banna, (Messages of Hassan al-Banna)

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